Risk Management

EXCLAIM! Risk Software creates competitive value for your organisation that isn’t easy to replicate. Now you can thoroughly reduce your exposure to unwelcome surprises!

The software is an extremely affordable and flexible risk management solution. The solution with its integrated flexibility will meet all the information requirements of the organisation.

EXCLAIM! has rich functionality, integrated reporting and charting. It is easy to use with continued product refinement.

Exclaim! achieves compliance with all major guidelines and frameworks such as COSO, AZ/NZ standard and ISO.

Key Features and Benefits

Risk Register

The software integrates all identified risks into a central risk register, automatically ranking the risks according to the assessment criteria set by the organisation. The register can also be filtered by entity.

Integration with Internal Audit and Combined Assurance Plan

Exclaim Risk Management integrates with audit review where independent verification of the adequacy of the controls can be provided by internal or external audit. Audit findings can be inserted or attached. Working paper features include adding an unlimited number of working papers to each risk.

Comprehensive Risk Architecture

The unique risk architecture facilitates all risk types in a manner that is suitable for any type of business. Although the architecture is comprehensive, it is surprisingly simple to understand and use.

Key Risk Indicators

Exclaim has an integrated, comprehensive key risk indicator module that will allow you to manage all the identified risks. This module has email abilities that will facilitate easy reporting if any adverse trends are identified.

Project Management

Identified risks that require urgent mitigation should be project managed in order to ensure timeous attention is given. Exclaim provides project style management of all mitigation processes.

Cost analysis

Exclaim facilitates the capturing of the cost of controls. The captured costs will facilitate the identification of excessive or inadequate control implementation. This information assists the user with proper financial planning as well as disclosure in the annual financial statements.

Heat maps

Exclaim utilizes the latest technology in heat maps allowing you to identify high risk areas within 2 seconds contrary to old heat maps traditionally used.

Incident Management

Exclaim allows the user to create incident categories appropriate to the business environment. The software facilitates the capturing of any incident in the easy-to-input forms. Incidents that have not been investigated or mitigated can be tracked within Exclaim. The actual cause of the incident is analysed in the Cause Analysis section. This allows the investigation of failed or absent controls.

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