Compliance Software

EXCLAIM! Compliance Software provides a structured way of managing legislation compliance while reducing operational costs.
The volume of regulatory, legislative, and corporate requirements being instituted each year is increasing.

The cost of non-compliance not only extends to fines, litigation and criminal penalties, but to the impact on the organisation’s public reputation.

The challenge all organisations face is the management of their overall compliance within a trusted and secure framework.

EXCLAIM! Compliance Software provides the ideal solution affording companies the opportunity to manage the full scope of their compliance responsibilities and freeing up time to allow them to concentrate on their core business.

Key Features

Quick Access to all Legislation

Exclaim provides you with the ability to upload and rate the regulatory universe specific to your organisation. Regular updates and changes to the Acts are automated ensuring a regulatory universe that remains current and effective.

Act Overview and Penalties.

An overview of each Act as well as the penalty clauses are displayed so that the organisation can easily understand it and together with the rating system, determine the priority of each act in the regulatory universe. The software includes a dashboard or overview page which provides compliance information per entity by act. The information include percentage compliance, status, previous year status and progress as well as reasons for non-compliance.

Corrective Action and Task Management

Non-compliance to legislation should be corrected as soon as possible. Exclaim Compliance software provides task management functionality for all corrective action including progress tracking and email notification of overdue and due tasks.

Graphs and Reporting

Exclaim provides interactive graphs and comprehensive reporting functionality. Export capability to Microsoft and Adobe.

Compliance Checklist (CRMP)

Exclaim has been compiling CRMP’s for the last 15 years and have the largest repository of available CRMP’s. We also customise CRMP’s to meet unique legislative requirements. The CRMP’s are supported by the required acts, forms, regulations and notices.


Exclaim Compliance Software allows the user to monitor the adequacy of controls and to report any weaknesses via email or workflow.

Integration with Internal Audit

Exclaim Compliance Software provides an internal or external audit section where independent verification of the adequacy of the controls can be provided by an auditor. Audit findings can be inserted or attached files can be created from your external applications. Working paper features include adding an unlimited number of working papers to each risk.
  • Up to date information about all legislation. Daily, weekly or monthly newsletters are available.
  • Focus on legislation only applicable to your organisation.
  • Effective reporting.
  • Software is compliant with ISO 37301 and the Compliance Institute of South Africa guidelines and standards.
  • Central compliance information repository. All legal, compliance and control information are managed centrally.
  • Exclaim Compliance can also assists in the management of policies and procedures.
  • Provides internal audit with relevant compliance control information.
  • Assists the organisation to prevent any fines, penalties and damage to reputation.
  • Enables project management of corrective action.
  • Amendments to the legislation are updated on a regular basis to ensure that the business has the latest requirements.
  • Updates are automated and do not require any programming.
  • The complete solution is provided by Exclaim. No risk of non-performance by sub-contractors.